30 Day Journal Cultivating Confidence
Featured Product / June 15, 2024

We all need a little more confidence from time to time. This journal will take you on a 30 day journey focusing on cultivating confidence in every day life. I have added a few of my poems to the journal just encourage you to think outside the box.https://fishprintdesignstudio.com/shop/printable-journal/30-day-cultivating-confidence-journal/

Just A Thought
Weekly Reflections / June 14, 2024

How many times a day do we say the words “I want”? There is nothing wrong with saying these words at all, but just a reminder that when we are speaking to our Heavenly Father, maybe we should reflect on how many times we say them to Him. It only takes a few seconds to change those words to “Thank You.”

Painting A Rose by Shirley
My Story / March 8, 2022

Progressive slides of me painting a rose at the Shasta County Fairgrounds several years ago. That was the day that I hand painted over 100 cards for each person who wanted one.